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Workpiece Loading & Unloading to Machine Press

Customer Pain Points:

Manual loading is inefficient, prone to errors and has safety risks.

Traditional automation equipment lacks flexibility and is hard to redeploy at a later stage.


Two MG400 are set up on the two sides of a machine press to load and unload workpieces to the machine. With 2 robots working together and no human involved, the stamping process can be performed efficiently. The MG400 has a repeatability of ±0.05 mm to satisfy the needs for loading and unloading of various delicate components.

Value Proposition:

Replaces 2 workers.

Increases efficiency by 20%.

99% production yield.

Reduces chance of workplace injuries.

Payback period <6 months.

Product Highlights:

The MG400 has a base area smaller than a piece of A4 paper, making it easy to deploy.

The robot supports graphical programming and no code drag-to-teach, saving deployment time by up to 80%.

With repeatability of ±0.05 mm, the MG400 can handle loading and unloading of various delicate components.


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