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Dobot Lightweight All-perceptive Industrial Robot, Bridge the Gap of Traditional Industrial Robots

#Company · Sep 19, 2018

The 20th China International Industrial Fair (CIIF) will open at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center from September 19th to 23rd. Dobot will demonstrate its latest all-perceptive industrial robot arm series and core components of robots at the fair, aiming to attract robot experts and enthusiasts in the industry.


During the five-day exhibition, Dobot will focus on showing its “Lightweight All-perceptive Industrial Robots”. Exhibiting programs including “Bookmark Production Line”, “3D Vision Sorting”, “Phone Shell Polishing” and “Google AI Voice Control” will help the visitors get a glimpse of the smart factory production line with Dobot characteristics.



There will be experts to explain the multi-scene solutions for Dobot all-perceptive industrial robots in detail, associated with live demonstrations of smart factory sorting, moving, material loading and unloading, polishing and other simulation scenarios. Dobot industrial robot arm series features modular and integrated design, which not only enables fast switching between different production tasks but also supports flexible configuration adjustment according to specific production requirements. In the production process, the flexible robots will greatly increase the speed and achieve maximized efficiency at minimum energy consumption.



With China's population growth slowing down and the working-age population decreasing, China's labor force is increasingly becoming a scarce resource and traditional manufacturing industries are facing the problem of rising labor costs. According to IDC's recent report, the consumption of robots and related services in China continues to grow at a high rate. It is expected to reach 77 billion US dollars (about 529 billion yuan) by 2022, and the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2018-2022 will reach 26.3%. It is estimated that by 2022, China's robot market will exceed 38% of the total global market.



There are more than 3,400 domestic enterprises manufacturing industrial robotic arms, among which less than 20 focus on independent research and development of core components and software. With years of accumulated advantages in deep learning, intelligent control, human-machine cooperation, and machine assembly, Dobot has achieved stunning breakthroughs in the major links of robot vision, control, servo drive, and machine body. Parameters and performances of Dobot products all meet top industrial criteria at a fair price, which is just one-fifth of the foreign brands’ price.



In November 2017, Dobot launched the lightweight all-perceptive industrial robot arm series that was completely self-developed. As a highly cost-effective industrial robot arm on the market, its performance has reached the first-class level across the globe. Jerry Liu, CEO of Dobot, said: "There are great gaps in structural design and concept design between industrial robots and educational robots. Combining identification of full-parameter dynamic model, auto-adaption of parameters and estimation of external force on the payload, the lightweight and all-perceptive industrial robots of Dobot realize force perception, collision detection and intelligent picking with 2D and 3D visual aids. With the dynamic feedforward keeping stable trajectory and optimal operating time, the robotic arms can automatically run on the best accelerating and decelerating parameters. Controlled and constrained by torque, both high speed and long operating life of the whole machine are fairly guaranteed.”



Thanks to the breakthrough and advancement in key robotic technologies, Dobot all-perceptive industrial robots are getting more intelligent, flexible, lightweight and collaborative. Overcoming the limitations of cumbersome and expensive traditional industrial robots, Dobot industrial robots are suitable for flexible production lines with limited working space. Industrial applications like precise assembly, inspection, moving, loading and unloading can all be fulfilled to greatly improve production efficiency. Jerry Liu said that Dobot possesses strong competitiveness in the all-perceptive industrial robot technology with independent leading technology, complete product system and wide application fields. And the positive cycle of R&D and application has been initially established.

In the future, Dobot will increase its investment in industrial applications and provide a one-stop all-perceptive intelligent industrial robot solution for a wide range of heavy and light industries, especially China's labor-intensive industries. Dobot aims to contribute to transition and upgrade of enterprises by greatly reducing the difficulty of embracing industrial automation, and lay a foundation for the possibility to “replace people with machines” and “achieve the last mile of industrial automation”.

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