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Vision Kit

Vision Kit

Extended Vision with AI Robot Vision Kit

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Create Accurate Solution to See and Recognize Objects with AI

DOBOT Robot Vision Kit provides an essential software and hardware platform based on visual development. With the advantages of rich functions, stable performance, and convenient operation, it perfectly meets the needs of optical applications, including visual positioning, measurement, detection, and recognition. DOBOT Robot Vision Kit obtains a clear and intuitive design, making it easy to operate.

Vision Kit

Support Third-Party Customization, Offers Strong Compatibility

Compatible with the DOBOT Magician and DOBOT M1, the DOBOT Robot Vision Kit provides various SDK interfaces, building-block style development, and robust scalability. The vision kit supports GigEVision, USB3Vision protocol standards, and diverse cameras of different brands that can be directly connected to the kit.

Powerful Visual Tools

With over a thousand image processing operators, high-performance algorithms, and a powerful visual analysis tool library, the DOBOT Robot Vision Kit enables users to set up fast a machine vision application system to fulfill their needs in different experimental projects and applications.

Friendly and Easy-to-use Interface

The Dobot Vision Studio supports graphical interactions, drag-and-drop operations, and visual development. The configuration setup process is simple and flexible, while the Backstage and Output interfaces can be easily customized.

Intuitive and Effective Teaching Demos

Multiple teaching demos, including color recognition, bar code recognition, character recognition, measurement, calibration, alignment, image processing, etc., are provided along with the Dobot Vision Studio to help users understand the basics and operation principles of the DOBOT Robot Vision Kit clearly and intuitively.

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HD Color Industrial Camera
Sensor Size 1/2.5"CMOS
Sensor Type AR0521
Effective Pixel 5 Million
Hue Color
Pixel Size 2.2×2.2 um
Frame Rate / Resolution 31 @2592×1944
SNR >40 dB
Dynamic range >60 dB
Shutter Type Curtain Exposure
Time of exposure Bayer:16μs-1sec Other Format:28μs-1sec
Exposure control Auto/Manual
Size 29 mm × 29 mm × 30 mm
Data Interface USB 3.0
Data Format Mono 8/10/12,Bayer GR 8/10/10p/12/12p,YUV422_YUYV_Packed,YUV422_Packed,RGB8
Lens Mount C-Mount
Six Megapixel 12mm Fixed Focus Lens
Focus 12 mm
Maximum Image Size 1/1.8"(φ9 mm)
Aperture F2.8 - F16
Control Aperture Manual
Focus Point Manual
Visual Angle D 41.2°
H 1/1.8" 34.4°
V 23.4°
Optical Distortion -0.38%
Flange Back Focus >17.526 mm
Recent Shooting Distance 0.06 m
Mount C-Mount
Filter Thread M27×0.5
Size φ29×35.36 mm
White auxiliary light source
Luminous color White
LED number 48 LED
Illumination 40000 lux
Wavelength 455 – 457.5 nm
Operating distance 35 – 110 mm
Size specification Internal Diameter: 40mm, External Diameter: 70mm, Height: 25mm
Outer Diameter of Lamp Barrel Max Φ39 mm
Weight 0.48 KG



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* The above data is the test results obtained by Dobot Laboratory under controlled experimental conditions, which may have slight differences from those in actual application scenarios.

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