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Basic Training - For Americas (May)

Date & Time(New York GMT-5)

2023-05-10     10:00-13:00 


3 hours


Zoom Meeting


Basic Training - For Americas (May)

Session Info

Session Overview

  • Understand the function of each device of the robot and how to assemble it.
  • Understand the features and usage of the dobot control software, and use it to achievecomplex scenario applications.
  • Be able to complete the configuration and adjustment of the coordinate system for practicalapplication scenarios.
  • Understand how to use graphical programming, which includes logic control, lO signainteraction...
  • Be able to operate the robot to complete the control of assembly line, palletizing and otherapplications.

What You Expect to Learn

With this basic training session, participants will learn the basics of the CR series and be able to perform point-to-point control of the robot, design programs and code them out using graphical programming tools to realize basic automation tasks such as the control of assembly line, palletizing and otherapplications.


Session Location: Online Zoom Meeting

This training session will take place on Zoom. Zoom link will be sent to participants' emails 5 days before the session begins to those who successfully applied. Please be sure to check your email.



To better prepare for this training session, you should have basic knowledge on the CR series.


Pre-session Preparations

1. Download and install the Android APP CRStudio v4.11.0  from our website, link:

2. Join the Zoom meeting 10 minutes prior to session start time and sign in with the session instructor.

3. Familiarize yourself with the training materials. You can submit questions for answers during the Q&A session.

4. There will be a test at the end of the training session. Electronic certificates will be given to those who passed the test.


Additional Information

1. Registration will close 5 days prior to the event.

2. The event will be cancelled if final registration rate is less than 50%.

3. Registration will close once it reaches the participant limit.

4. If you are not able to register for this event, please check out other sessions to register.

5. Registration is complete when “Submitted successfully!” is displayed. Remember to check your email for event link.


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