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Dobot has developed a collaborative robot screwdriving process package that does not require programming skills suitable for smart electric batches. It perfectly combines intelligent robot operation with innovative locking technology, which can accurately lock and attach M1.0-M10.0 screws.


This solution supports multi-angle and multi-posture locking screws to meet the diverse needs of fast production changes in small-batch personalized customization mode. The working range of the CR series collaborative robot covers 620-1700 mm, enabling a 360-degree all-around screwdriving flexible solution. 


The Dobot collaborative robots use industry-leading independent technologies, such as vibration suppression and full-parameter calibration, to achieve a high-speed, stable operation and precise positioning in complex attitude operating environments. It meets the standards of international certifications such as CE, NRTL, CR, ISO 13849, ISO/TS 15066, and others, significantly improving the reliability and safety of the screw locking automated solution.

How to Improve Manufacturing Performance with Dobot Cobot Screwdriving


1. Deploy easy and start production faster



The solution does not require any programming skills. Robot engineers need only set the corresponding parameters and points in each step, and the process will be generated with one click, greatly simplifying the debugging process.


2. Debug rapidly with the growing efficiency by 80%



The Dobot automated screwdriving enables drag to teach coarse positioning. A user needs to drag and drop the robotic arm to the teaching point, and then you can adjust the robot arm positioning of screwdriving via software, leading to a high accuracy of the process and 80% increased efficiency.


3. Control intelligently while performing accurate screwdriving



Dobot screwdriving monitors leakage locks, floating heights, and sliding teeth to prevent defective products from flowing. It counts and uploads production data while synchronizing the external MES system. Controlling the torque accuracy error by ±5% enables product consistency and keeps up with the high manufacturing standard.


4. Realize the safety and flexibility of human-machine collaboration



Dobot screwdriving solution is equipped with high-sensitive collision detection, supporting 5-level collision force adjustment. With a production speed of up to 2.5 s, production can be resumed with one click after a collision. It guarantees human safety and increases the production efficiency.

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* The above data is the test results obtained by Dobot Laboratory under controlled experimental conditions, which may have slight differences from those in actual application scenarios.

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