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By combining AGVs with cobots to create AMMRs that are capable of mobile operation tasks such as transportation, routing, loading and unloading of objects, Dobot has opened the possibilties for further automation in wider application scenarios. AMMRs are even more flexible, easy to use, ready to deploy without complex setup process. They can greatly reduce existing labor force and management costs while making the space neater.

Improve Production Efficiency with Multi-Functional Robots

AMMRs are capable of mobility, manipulating, and transporting tasks, and are more flexible than traditional automated transportation equipments in reacting to changes to production lines. Each AMMR can perform tasks for multiple production lines, making it extremely useful.



Open Ecosystem of Plug-and-Play Modules

To realize desired transportation tasks, simply attach the corresponding grippers to AMMRs. By using a all-in-one visual interface, users can easily build out tasks for AMMRs to perform. This can be done without the involvement of engineers, saving time and resources.



Packed with Safety Features. Certified for Dust Free Manufacturing

Dobot's AMMRs come with system level safety feasures, such as speed monitoring and safety limit switches. Having secured the CE marking, SIL2 and ISO Class 5 certifications, our AMMRs ensure the safety of humans, machines and materials, and meet the cleanliness requirements of wafer factories.


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* The above data is the test results obtained by Dobot Laboratory under controlled experimental conditions, which may have slight differences from those in actual application scenarios.

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