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Bridging the Educational Divide in Colombia


In remote areas of Colombia, access to quality education often lags behind urban centers. To address this challenge, various organizations have collaborated to enhance educational infrastructure and empower students in these underserved regions. One of the key partners in this effort is Dobot Robotics.


Expanding Educational Infrastructure


The Magician Lite program, a partnership between Talentum and Lenovo Education, has made significant strides in improving educational access in the Colombian departments of Cauca, Chocó, Putumayo, and Valle del Cauca. Through this initiative, over 300 collaborative robots have been provided to educational institutions, reaching more than 65,000 students in over 100 schools. Dobot Robotics has contributed to this expansion by supplying a portion of these collaborative robots.



The Power of Collaboration


The Magician Lite program focuses on integrating collaborative robotics into STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) education. By incorporating these robots, the program aims to provide students with hands-on experiences that foster their skills and interests in these critical fields. Dobot Robotics has played a role in this effort by aligning with Talentum to support the integration of its collaborative robotics technology.



Overcoming the Digital Divide


The primary goal of the Magician Lite program is to enhance the educational infrastructure in remote areas of Colombia, optimizing the quality of education and addressing the digital divide across various departments. Dobot Robotics has joined this initiative to contribute its expertise and resources towards achieving this objective.


Making a Difference


In the municipalities of Balboa, Buenos Aires, Cajibio, Miranda, and Padilla, the program has been implemented in 212 educational centers, benefiting 14,394 students and 371 teachers. Additionally, 192 STEAM classrooms have been equipped with TUMLAB or cobots, including those provided by Dobot Robotics, further strengthening the educational resources available to these communities.



Through collaborative efforts and the strategic integration of technology, the Magician Lite program, with the participation of Dobot Robotics, is making significant strides in bridging the educational divide in Colombia. By providing access to cutting-edge educational resources and empowering students in remote regions, this initiative is poised to inspire future innovators and contribute to a more inclusive and equitable educational landscape.


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* The above data is the test results obtained by Dobot Laboratory under controlled experimental conditions, which may have slight differences from those in actual application scenarios.

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