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RMUTP Embraces Dobot Robots to Enhance Educational Experience

As one of Thailand's top universities, Rajamangala University of Technology Phra Nakhon (RMUTP) has embraced the use of educational robotics to enhance student learning. At the forefront of this initiative is the university's adoption of Dobot robots, including the versatile Dobot Magician model, across multiple faculties, including Engineering, Digital Interdisciplinary and Robotics Institute, and Industrial Education.



"We now have around 25 Dobot robots in our two faculties in RMUTP with around 3,000 students learning," said Dr. Natworapol Rachsiriwatcharabul, President of RMUTP. "And I am encouraging other faculties to incorporate robots into their studies."


The Dobot Magician has been a particularly popular choice for the university due to its user-friendly design and advanced features. "Dobot robot is very human-friendly," explained Dr. Natworapol. "The SafeSkin technology can help persuade students to work with robots closely."



The university has integrated Dobot robots, including the Magician robots, into both their regular curriculum and specialized up-skilling courses. "We use Dobot courses in the normal curriculum and also some up-skilled courses meeting the industry needs," Dr. Natworapol stated.


Thailand's industrial landscape, which relies less on heavy manufacturing, aligns well with the capabilities of Dobot's compact and versatile robots. "Thailand is not a country with heavy industry, requiring many robot payloads. The Dobot robot size is perfect for our industry," remarked Dr. Natworapol.


RMUTP's successful integration of Dobot robots, including the Magician series, showcases the university's commitment to staying at the forefront of educational innovation. By leveraging the capabilities of Dobot's advanced robotics, RMUTP is empowering its students with practical, industry-relevant skills that will prepare them for the future workforce and support Thailand's evolving industrial landscape.


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