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Automated Palletizer Solution for Croatia’s Beloved Juice Brand, Juicy

Customer Pain Points:

Juicy, Stanić Group, a beloved juice brand in Croatia, faced a significant challenge in their palletizing operations. Their facility had limited space, making it difficult to accommodate traditional palletizing equipment. The manual palletizing process was time-consuming, labor-intensive, and posed ergonomic risks for their employees.


To address these pain points, Juicy, Stanić Group turned to Dobot . Dobot proposed the implementation of their Automated Palletizer, a high-efficient robotic system designed to streamline the (de)palletizing process, featuring the Dobot CR20A Cobot.

Product Highlights:

The Dobot Automated Palletizer solution powered by the Dobot CR20A Cobot, offered several key features that were instrumental in addressing Juicy, Stanić Group's challenges:

  • Compact Design: The Dobot CR20A Cobot's compact and modular design allowed for seamless integration into Juicy, Stanić Group's tight production space, optimizing the use of available floor space.
  • Increased Efficiency: The Dobot CR20A Cobot's high-speed capabilities and precision handling, coupled with the Dobot Automated Palletizer system, enabled Juicy, Stanić Group to significantly increase their palletizing throughput, enhancing overall operational efficiency.
  • Improved Ergonomics: By automating the palletizing task with the Dobot CR20A Cobot, the Dobot Automated Palletizer solution eliminated the physical strain and repetitive motion hazards associated with manual palletizing, improving the working conditions for Juicy, Stanić Group's employees.
  • Flexibility: The Dobot CR20A Cobot's programmable nature, combined with the Dobot Automated Palletizer's customization capabilities, allowed Juicy, Stanić Group to easily adapt to changes in product size, weight, and stacking patterns, ensuring seamless integration with their existing production workflows.


* The above data is the test results obtained by Dobot Laboratory under controlled experimental conditions, which may have slight differences from those in actual application scenarios.

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