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PCB Board Burn-in Assembly Line Handling by CR

Customer pain points:

Many cumbersome production processes depend on human workers' performance.

Fast material flow and highly repetitive work make it difficult to recruit human employees.


The solution involves 3 CR collaborative robots, when two of them perform the loading and unloading of the four sub-board machines, then sending the materials to the connecting table. Afterwards, one cobot loads and unloads the four testing and two burning machines. Finally, a completed labeling process creates an automated PCB production line.

Customer values:

The solution saves ten employees and releases up to 50% of the labor force per shift, effectively reducing the operating cost of the production line.

The DOBOT CR series robot arm enables a rapid switch of production lines to meet the production needs of small batches and multi-varieties.

Product advantages:

The CR10 collaborative robot has a long arm reaching up to 1525 mm, making it easy to shift between multiple workstations.

The CR series robot arm is simple to operate and flexible to deploy. In a small batch of the rapidly changing environment, operators can move to a new task using simple teaching.

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