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3 Powerful Ways to Deploy Robotic Arms in Healthcare Industry

#Blog · May 13, 2022

3 Powerful Ways to Deploy Robotic Arms in Healthcare Industry

Robotic arms are becoming everyday friends of humans operating in the healthcare industry. They are qualified and nimble enough to increase credibility among manufacturers, employees, and users. 


Cobots can undertake diverse tasks on an automation journey


They are professional surgeons, lab testers, and even doctors checking patients’ four vital signs, including body temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate, and blood pressure. 


Various medical institutions apply robotic arms to drive innovations in the healthcare industry. They deploy a cobot combining multiple medical devices to optimize the medical industry. Also, robotic arms can prepare blood tests and medications in labs and assist in physical therapy. This, in turn, will decrease the increasing year-to-year pressure on therapists. 


Let us explore together cobots’ extensive use in medicine and how to automate it. 


Dobot Cobots in the Healthcare Industry



To revolutionize the medical industry and make automation fast and painless, we need to consider the manufacturing process of tubes and other medical devices. Robotic arms can make them affordable and accessible. 



There are multiple ways of deploying robotic arms in the medicine industry, such as medical device packaging, lab testing and blood sampling, surgery, medical device manufacturing, and others. We will delve into some of them.


  • Medical Device Packaging

Medical Device Packaging dobot


Cobots maintain a high level of eliminating the number of human errors that might take to medical errors. Preventive and diagnostic measures can help decrease the number of errors and minimize the root cause analysis. Cobots are powerful hands for adjusting to personalized patient care


Medical research organization CAQH states that the healthcare industry has decreased administrative costs by $122 billion because of automation.


Moreover, robotic arms can improve the manufacturing process of medical devices. They can also help optimize the packaging of medical devices. For example, cobots can heat-seal for medical packaging and speed up the sealing cycle. Robotic arms can load and unload trays and lids and remove the sealed package when finished. 


  • Lab Testing



Dobot is at the increasing forefront of innovations in the healthcare industry as it enhances lab testing processes. One efficient strategy for improving laboratory testing methods is deploying robotic arms. They are accurate in handling blood sampling.


The 4-axis SCARA robot DOBOT M1 Pro series can show off its mastery skills of pipetting and mixing chemical liquids in a medical laboratory. It picks up test tubes and places them to mix liquids afterward. Basically, it involves various solutions in the medical field, including PCR testing, blood samples, and other processes. 


The precision, speed, and flexibility are the main features of DOBOT CR series robotic arms, perfectly fitting the healthcare industry. 


  • Manufacturing of Medical Devices 


Robotic arms can be used to optimize the manufacturing of rich medical devices. Material handling, pick and place, and sorting are just some of the applications cobots can undertake in medical device manufacturing. As a result, it will enhance product quality and increase the volume of medical devices. 


Rich software choice of 6 axis robot DOBOT CR series and M1 Pro SCARA robot arm can speed up the manufacturing process and automation of the medical field. Humans, in turn, will be responsible for a more complex set of responsibilities. 


To Wrap U

To Wrap Up dobot robotic arms in healthcare 


Robotic arms are venturing into the medical field on a skyrocket. As Dobot collaborative robots are nimble, accurate, and light, they are suitable for automation in the healthcare industry. 


Lab testing, manufacturing of medical devices, and packaging are the most common applications for cobots in the healthcare industry. 


Discover rich opportunities in the healthcare industry with us. 

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