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DOBOT CR3: Streamlining Screwdriving in Manufacturing

#Blog · Feb 17, 2023

In 2023, robots have become a familiar sight in various industries. While traditional humanoid robots may take up space and require proximity to humans to communicate, cobots have proven to be an effective solution for collaborative tasks in manufacturing. The DOBOT CR3 is a prime example of a cobot that streamlines screwdriving in different sectors, including automotive and electronics manufacturing.


In the automotive industry, the DOBOT CR3 plays a crucial role in installing tiny screws onto car lights. This cobot has shown to increase efficiency by 33% with a 99% production yield, which translates to significant time and cost savings. Moreover, using cobots for screwdriving tasks in manufacturing helps to prevent physical fatigue that can cause damages to workpieces.


Electronics manufacturing is another area where cobots have proven their value. Surprisingly, even laptop computer screws can be installed with the DOBOT CR series. By using the collaborative robot with a screwdriving kit and safety light curtains, the DOBOT CR series forms an efficient laptop computer screwdriving workstation. This setup is particularly suitable for batch production.


The safety light curtains installed on the workstation ensure that the robot instantly stops when a person moves too close, thus preventing accidents. Adopting cobots in the production line can lead to a 20% increase in efficiency, resulting in higher production yield and quality.


In conclusion, DOBOT CR3 collaborative robots have shown to be effective in streamlining screwdriving tasks in various industries, including automotive, consumer electronics and more. With their capacity to work alongside humans and improve efficiency, cobots are proving to be a valuable asset to the manufacturing industry.



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