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Dobot Empowers the Japan’s Automotive Manufacturing Industry

#Company · Apr 19, 2024

Okayama, Japan, April 13-14 — The 2024 SUPER GT 300km sportscar racing, took place on April 13th at the Okayama International Circuit (one lap 3,703m × 82 laps).


The Team LeMans, sponsored by Dobot, had a great performance, securing 7th at the qualifying tournament to set the stage for an exhilarating race day, culminating in a remarkable 10th place in their first official round.


Building upon Dobot’s successful partnership last year in the Super GT 2023 series, Dobot is excited to announce the debut of collaborative robots on the track this season! Dobot unveils their latest innovation to all audiences, bringing automation front and center to the heart of motorsports.


As anticipation builds for our robots' debut, the Dobot FERRARI F296GT3 race car highlights the Dobot logo on the body. Regarding these years, Dobot sticks to supporting Japan’s motorsports, aiming to transmit their value and mission to realize optimal human-machine collaboration and to lead the standard of global smart manufacturing.



Why Cobots Accelerate the Automobile Manufacturing Industry Over the Years?


While automation has made significant strides, many automotive processes still rely on manual labor and industrial robots. Boosting productivity and enhancing efficiency for greater efficiency and return is a revolutionary change for most automotive factories. The bring-in of Collaborative Robots are safer, more stable, more compact, and easier to deploy. Among the current rapid development of manufacturing, Collaborative Robots offer competitive advantages to businesses across industries, such as metal processing, automotive, healthcare, education, medical devices, food & beverage, semiconductors, etc.


As for industrial robots, they need to remodel the layout of the production line with huge investment costs. The working range is fixed without flexibility, and very difficult to deploy twice. And their programming is difficult, requiring specialized technical workers.


However, Cobots effortlessly tackle the common limitations of the industrial robots applied in automation. Cobots are featured with a small footprint, easy installation, and the ability to work in tight scenarios. They complete an array of tasks from welding, and assembly to inspection and testing in the automotive industry.


Therefore, flexible, compact yet professional Cobot Solutions can be stationed alongside human workers rather than fenced in like industrial robots, helping make car production more efficient and faster. They occupy a smaller manufacturing floor footprint, making them easier to integrate into existing structures. In addition to optimizing space, these robots can reduce costs associated with modifications in manufacturing facilities, such as adding new content to vehicles.


Dobot Collaborative Robots & Solutions Applied in Automotive Industry


Dobot Cobots, are safe, stable, easy to deploy, and flexible in application.


Safety Always is a Priority

SafeSkin Innovative Pre-collision Sensing Technology, explored by Dobot, is a wearable accessory designed for collaborate robots to enable pre-collision detection. With high surface coverage, long sensing distance, and quick response time, SafeSkin takes human-machine collaboration to a new level. Users can now enjoy both efficiency and safety.


Stable yet Smooth Operation

As for assembly in the automotive industry, Dobot Collaborative Robots perform with precision and stability to ensure assembly results while improving efficiency by 10 times compared to manual labor. With a variety of plug-and-play gripper modules, cobots can handle a wide range of delicate assembly tasks in electronics, appliances, and more. In addition, cobots are ideal for flexible production as they can be deployed and operate with ease and save time when changing production line layout.


Easy to Deploy, High Performance is the Key

Dobot All-in-One Welding Solution is equipped with professional welding software developed by Dobot help to quickly integrate the required arc welding or laser welding applications. The welding software is compatible with various mainstream welding machines, supporting arc swinging modes such as triangular, spiral, trapezoidal, sinusoidal, and more, which makes your automated production line more robust and durable.


Maximize the Flexibility for Varied Complicated Scenarios

The New CRA Robot Series are ultra-lightweight and compact, perfect-fit for automating processes in tight work-spaces, such as on bench-tops or within production machinery. The CRA Robot Series incorporate high-performance integrated joints, leading to a 25% increase in the cycle time and unprecedented efficiency, featuring an effective load expanded to 3-20 kg. They can be used in the automation industry for cars and parts, electronic devices, metal processing, etc.



Wrapping Up


For the following Super GT 2024 Races, Dobot expects the Team LeMans to continue to perform at their best and achieve great results. Let’s witness the fusion of innovation and adrenaline on the racetrack!


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