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Dobot Makes Waves at Automate Show 2024

#Company · May 11, 2024

The Best-In-Class Welding and Palletizing Solutions Shed light with Its Smart Performance & All-in-one for Automation


Chicago, May 5-9, 2024 –The Automate, the largest robotics and automation trade show in North America, unveiled in McCormick Place, attracting industry professionals from around the world. Dobot, a leading provider of innovative robotic solutions, showcased its cutting-edge technology and smart solutions with the manufacturers and engineers, paving a new way to make automation accessible.



“We're glad to be part of the Automate Show to reaffirm our vision to empower industries and enterprises worldwide to revolutionize their workflow through advanced technology solutions,” said Jerry Liu, CEO at Dobot.


This time, Dobot brought its diverse range of products, including its am acclaimed All-in-one Welding Solution and One-stop Palletizing Solution, along with a new benchmark for collaborative robots - CRA Collaborative Robot Series, Magician E6 Cobot for Education, Ultra-compact Desktop MG400 Collaborative Robot, etc.


All-in-one Welding Solution


Addressing the challenges faced by manufacturers in the welding industry, such as difficulty in installation, lack of sufficient safety measures, instability in manual welding, high recruitment and training costs, etc, Dobot's New Welding Solution is rolled out to meet the various demands.


The Welding Solution Improves Work Efficiency


A comprehensive Welding Solution guarantees heightened precision, speed, and uniformity in every single weld. Cobots are capable of handling various welding techniques such as MIG, and TIG, as well as cutting methods like plasma and oxy-fuel. Additionally, they are adept at laser, spot, and orbital welding.


Dobot's accessible automated Welding Solution is designed to be adaptable, quick to implement, and user-friendly for the welders to program. They can be customized to effectively address the specific requirements, enhancing productivity, ensuring consistent welding quality, protecting the workers, and quick returns in several months, etc.


One-stop Palletizing Solution


Palletizing is an essential end-of-line operation conducted in nearly all production facilities. Having a dependable and efficient palletizing system is paramount for ensuring uninterrupted workflow. However, facing a labor shortage and increasing cost of human resource, it is challenging for manufacturers.


Dobot New Palletizing Expert Solon for Visitors


Dobot’s new-gen Palletizing Solution is able to work continuously, boosting production output and expediting products' time-to-market. It also offers a safer alternative for the workforce. By entrusting cobots with the heavy lifting and stacking responsibilities, the risk of injuries or strain on employees is substantially reduced.


MG400 Desktop Cobot Seizes the Eyes


Dobot MG400 pushes the boundaries of what a collaborative robot can achieve. With a compact and sleek design, MG400 takes up minimal space on any desktop, making it an ideal choice for small to medium-sized businesses, educational institutions, and research laboratories. Despite its size, this collaborative robot is capable of handling a wide range of applications, including loading and unloading, assembly, soldering, 3D printing, and much more.


MG400, Space-Saving Design


MG400 is perfect for automation in a limited space. For instance, automobile manufacturing is a highly automated industry, with processes such as stamping, welding, and painting predominantly handled by industrial robots. However, loading and unloading tiny objects have posed challenges for traditional robots.


In recent applications, MG400 Cobots were introduced for loading & unloading Wi-Fi chip testing in the world’s top-tier automotive manufacturing company. MG400’s all-in-one loading and unloading solution enables a single cobot to perform three tasks, equivalent to at least two trained workers. MG400 achieves stable, smooth, and highly efficient testing automation while enabling uninterrupted 24/7 operation, and increases accuracy to 99.9%. It reduces labor requirements by 80% and improves efficiency by 30%, coming with achieving cost recovery within six months.



Magician E6 Collaborative Robot for Education & Research Industry


The new-released Dobot Magician E6 is designed for education and scientific research. It can accurately simulate various automation scenarios to provide immersive learning and research experiences. The Magician E6 has several interfaces for secondary development and course materials on robotics education, opening doors to a new way of education. It is the ideal platform to explore AI, smart manufacturing and other fields of study.


Magician E6, Compact, Lightweight, and Flexible


Magician E6 is a benchmark of Dobot education product line-up. Dobot Education System brings the world of collaborative robotics to life in classrooms, empowering students to develop the skills and experience necessary to excel in the workplaces of tomorrow. Dobot's education robots offer students immersive, hands-on experiences with both robotics hardware and software while providing instructors with a comprehensive curriculum package for seamless implementation.


Dedicated to driving technological advancements in automation and boosting the industrial revolution, Dobot continues to share and keeps exchanging with industrial professionals and peers through global platforms like Automate Show. Through unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, Dobot is poised to revolutionize the automation landscape and drive the next wave of industrial transformation.



About Dobot

Founded in 2015, Dobot is a world leader in collaborative robots and the creator of desktop-grade robotic arms. Our core technologies are developed in-house, including AI, system integration, intelligent sensing and more.


Dobot cobots and solutions are widely used in the manufacturing, healthcare, service and retail sectors, enabling automation, intelligent transformation and flexible production for clients to achieve maximum output with minimal labor. Dobot collaborates closely with academics through the integration between industry and education, raising the next generation of talents to advance the industry forward.


Dobot possesses a sound global network by establishing branches in the United States, Japan, Germany and other countries. Over 72,000 Dobot cobots have been delivered and deployed worldwide. Today, Dobot’s cobots and solutions can be found in automation in over 100 countries and regions.


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