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Dobot Cobots are Making a Good Living Even In the Artist World

#Blog · Jun 28, 2023

In factories, they help with palletizing, welding and assembly tasks. While in commercial places, it does latte art, tea making and can even be responsible for unmanned retail. In fact, there are many other ‘extraordinary’ skills of the collaborative robots that can be eaten in the literary circle as well!




The most important thing in playing a musical instrument is accuracy. If a small note is missed, the melody played may be way off. With an accuracy of up to ±0.02mm, the Dobot cobots can play the cello with precision in every note. Through force-controlled sensors and other components, a robot can sense the strings, fingerboard and bow of the cello to adjust the strength and angle between the bow and strings, while the other robot can dynamically adjust the fingering for smooth performance.


With the research and progress of robotics and AI, we can enjoy the performance of Dobot Cobot Orchestra!


See how it plays Quantum by Fredrik Gran



Commercial Actor


On the set of an electric razor commercial, a collaborative robot is ‘holding’ a razor near a model's face to shave his beard. This robot comes from the CR Series, with its excellent performance, it can handle the complex curved movements of the human face easily through the trajectory replay function.The CR Series has 22 safety features with a built-in 5 levels of collision detection to ensure the safety of human-robot collaboration despite the complexity of various environments.



Phenomenal Photographer


Not only can the Dobot cobots act, but it can also help the cameraman in the shooting. In the past, the cameraman had to perform thousands of camera movements for the show, which was repetitive and tedious, the heavy swing arm was also a physical test.


With a maximum working radius of 1,700 mm and a 20kg payload, the CR Series of collaborative robots can easily carry the camera and complete the shooting from all angles.



The robot is easy to program and the cameraman can generate various shooting trajectories with simple settings, making it easy for the crew to shoot complex images in various scenes.



Installation Artists


More and more artists and curators are thinking about the integration of robots and society. The well-known artist Biwen Deng created ‘The Restricted Limit’ with the help of Dobot cobot. In this piece, the program corresponds to the mind whereas the mechanical movement corresponds to the physical body. The scene involves a cobot ‘wiggling around" in a cage that is constantly pushing the limits of its mechanical movement.



With Dobot’s user friendly graphical programming system, an artist can quickly try different robot motion trajectories while creating, and choose the ideal solution. Meanwhile, the collaborative robot is MTBF 30,000 hour certified. This allows the artist to experiment with the theme of ‘limits’, to program the robot's movement beyond its limits.


The work of technology x art is shocking, but also leads people to speculate: when an AI with autonomous consciousness really appears, will it evolve itself through this kind of constant challenge, like human beings? Will there be Mathematical Olympiad, Nobel prizes in mathematics, physics and chemistry, philosophical debates, Olympic games, and even programming competition theory, just like us?

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