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Dobot Unveils Solutions for Intelligent Manufacturing at Shenzhen International Industrial Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition 2021

#Blog · Apr 1, 2021

From March 30-April 2, Dobot offered a variety of cost-effective automation solutions at Shenzhen International Industrial Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition (ITES China) 2021. These solutions focus on helping manufacturers of all sizes seamlessly implement cobots, tackle the labor shortage and improve crucial machine uptime.


visitors in line to claim DOBOT mascot doll---doblue

visitors in line to claim Dobot Mascot doll---DoBlue


Highlights of Live Demos

Dobot Making Popcorn Cobot 


This solution is composed of one AGV plus two CR5 cobots. One cobot is programmed to complete the whole process of popcorn making including feeding ingredients to the popcorn machine, closing the lid, pressing heating button and stirring the ingredients in the popcorn machine, switching off heating, stopping stirring and putting the ready-made popcorn into the popcorn cup. Another cobot was programmed to grab the cup and fill it with popcorn, and place it on the shelf so guests could take the popcorn. 



MG400 + CR3 Feeding SIM Cards


Combined with the vision system, MG400 and CR3 can accurately identify what type materials are and automatically judge the material status, including the angle and quantity of the materials. The system can precisely pick and place the materials at the designated location.




CR Cobot Plasman Cleaning


The plasma cleaning automatic machine is made up of a Dobot collaborative robot, a PLC and other parts. This solution can carry out daily production statistics and hourly production statistics, strip and lifting reel, identifying double reel clamping, etc. The solution is suitable for 3C industry, home appliance, automobile, photovoltaic, semiconductor, medical and other industries.




Cobots Driving Micro Screws


The project is composed of CR3, CR5 and a smart electric screwdriver, in order to fasten screws of micro mobile phones. The addition of a smart electric screwdriver allows the robot to judge the screw's status, reducing re-inspections. 


AGV+ Collaborative Robot


The solution is composed of Dobot cobot, a Stand AGV, Hikvision vision system, and an electric gripper. The multi-ecological intelligent combination forms a set of multi-functional composite robots that can achieve long-distance, high-precision material handling has a wide range of application scenarios and leaves huge room for future development.



MG400 Gluing


Based on the vibration suppression algorithm and the TrueMotion dynamics algorithm, MG400 can maintain the speed stability and accuracy in the curve motion, further guaranteeing the consistency of the gluing.



MG400 PCB Inserting


MG400 collaborative robot has a repeatability of ±0.05mm and is flexible in deployment. It can be quickly integrated into an automated production line to assemble various PCBA plug-ins.


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