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A Team Sponsored by Dobot Achieves a 3rd-Place Finish in Super GT Racing

#Company · Nov 7, 2023

Dobot Accelerates the Development of Japan's Automotive Industry


Motegi, Japan, November 4-5 — After 8 rounds of competition, the Japanese Super GT Championship concluded spectacularly at the Mobility Resort Motegi circuit. The Team LeMans, sponsored by Dobot, achieved excellent results, securing the 3rd place out of 27 competing teams. The outstanding performance of the Dobot Audi R8LMS race car once again highlighted the prominence of Dobot Robotics' collaborative robots in the automotive field.


This season, Super GT started from the Okayama circuit on April 15 to the famous Fuji and Suzuka circuits and finally concluded at the Motegi circuit, totaling 6 circuits for 8 rounds of competition in Japan. Super GT in this year marked Dobot's debut in the Japanese racing scene. The Dobot Audi R8LMS race car, adorned with Dobot's CR collaborative robot, was particularly eye-catching.


With years of experience in the Japanese automotive industry, Dobot's collaborative robots are safe, stable, easy to deploy, and flexible in application. Due to these advantages, they are particularly suitable for small-batch, multi-type, complex, and high-precision flexible manufacturing, offering intelligent and automated solutions to help car companies reduce costs and increase efficiency.


Worth noting, Dobot has also launched the CRA series of collaborative robots, with an effective load expanded to 3-20 kg. They can be used in the automation industry for cars and parts, electronic devices, semiconductors, metal processing, etc. Until now, Dobot has deployed over 68,000 collaborative robots worldwide and ranked first in China's robot exports for four consecutive years.


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