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AI, Friend or Foe? Dobot Envisions A Future Where 8 Year-Olds Explore AI Practices, AI Ethics on AI-Infused Education Platform - Magician Lite at BETT London 2020

#Company · Jan 21, 2020

London--Dobot, a leading all-perceptive robotics education solution provider, will be showcasing a wealth of problem-based AI learning robotics pedagogies for K12 classrooms from Jan. 22-25 at BETT 2020, ExCel London. At BETT Hall SM24, visitors are welcomed to experience firsthand Dobot’s latest products including Magician Lite, an AI-infused K12 educational robot arm, the newly upgraded MOOZ-2 PLUS 3-in-one 3D printer, and Dobot users’ long-time favorite the multi-functional DOBOT Magician.


magician lite at bett london 2020


As AI powers many of our interactions nowadays, today’s young students may be the first “AI natives,” a generation that’ll grow up interacting with Netflix’s algorithm or Amazon’s Alexa smart speaker.  When you ask Siri for directions, go over YouTube’s recommendations, get your order from programmed robots in restaurants, or summon your Tesla from your phone, these interactions are led by AI technologies. AI is thriving and will continue to do so in the forthcoming decades as these “non-humans” can do many of things which humans can do, and can often do them more efficiently.


While AI has freed mankind from much of the known repetitive mental drudgery, there is also plenty of disagreements about whether AI technologies are all for the common good, as well as talks about how they may post dangers and threats we have never imagined before. Notably, influential tech figures like Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking voice their concerns about the possible dire consequences the AI technology might cause to the human race if left unchecked.


Despite their freakish skill at defeating humans at board games, AI algorithms do not reproduce any human capabilities such as common sense, free will or value-based judgment. AI will not overthrow or replace humanity. That’s why humans are still doing and will continue to do the messy work of navigating uncertainty, solving problems collaboratively, or anticipating implications such as launching a technology product into the world.


An AI-powered future is upon us. How do we co-exist with AI while making them work to our advantage? In particular, how do we prepare our younger generation for the AI-powered future in the face of the daunting challenges?


Dobot, a 4-year-old robotics startup offering both industrial automation solutions and AI robotics education solutions from Shenzhen, China, steps up and takes the dare.


“We live in a world where our greatest challenges from climate change, economic inequality, gender inequality, environment protection to privacy invasion, are becoming more acute. Our current education systems aren’t set up to prepare our children for this reality.” Junjie Xie, product director of Dobot said, “We need more people to master AI know-how, especially the younger generation. Dobot team has designed and built Magician Lite with the mission to cultivate our children and young adults into future problem solvers. Magician Lite makes hard-to-reach technologies like robotics and AI, including voice recognition, sensors, machine vision, and path planning algorithms accessible, visible and readily understandable. We give them tools to look at the world, and demystify technologies like AI, a chance to shape the world they’ll inherit and continue to grow with it. Kids can start fiddling with AI concepts, apply what they learn to design, code and prototype their own solutions to life on our platform.”


What BETT visitors will see at Dobot‘s Booth @BETT Hall SM24 this year:


Real Life-Based Demos Powered by Magician Lite


Visitors will be able to get their hands on Magician Lite’s newest features such as collision detection, graphical programming, abundant accessories, teaching demos and competency-based curricula. Users can build on the AI-infused robotic arm and create as many real-life simulated scenarios as they like in areas such as smart logistics, environment protection, stimulated factory automation and personal assistants, etc. At the booth, visitors might get drinks delivered by Magician Lite, or shop at the unmanned supermarket or choose their gift at a smart shop with ease. These demos are developed in hopes of inspiring educators and students, and providing innovative ways to teach/learn and boost their interest and engagement in AI.


To learn more, visit the Dobot team at Booth SM24 in the BETT hall or go to


Debut of Dobot Ecohero Challenge 2020


To raise awareness of environmental protection among our next generation, the Dobot Robotics Competition Committee has launched an addition to its Dobot Intelligent Manufacturing Challenge series which have been participated by over 5000 students and teachers from 8 countries in the past 3 years, an environment protection spurred-themed competition: Dobot Ecohero Challenge. The contest is mainly a robot arm-powered autonomous garbage classification system. Covering students of all ages from pupils to high schoolers and college students, the contest encourages all students to think for themselves, pose questions, and come up with different solutions to one specific task.


BETT 2020 brings together over 800 leading companies, 103 exciting new EdTech startups and over 34,000 attendees from over 146 countries in the global education community. Stop by Dobot’s booth#: SM24 at BETT and experience the charm of AI-integrated EdTech firsthand.


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Dobot is a global leading expert of all-perceptive intelligent robotics solutions, focusing on the development of all-perceptive intelligent robotic arms that integrate perception and interaction. Dobot products are selling in more than 140+ countries and regions around the world, widely used in education, industry and business. Globally, Dobot has an extensive network of over 100 key distributors, servicing over 200,000 users today. Dobot was named one of the World's 80 Most Valuable Robot Companies by CB Insights and the Top 80 Artificial Intelligence Companies in 2018.



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