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Dobot Displays Its Most Up-to-Date Robotics Solutions for Education and Automation at iREX International Robot Exhibition Tokyo 2019

#Events · Dec 18, 2019

Tokyo, Japan, December 18 — From Dec. 18-21, Dobot, a leading global expert on robotics education and automation solutions, will be showcasing a variety of Dobot’s latest technological innovations and solutions at iREX 2019 at Booth #: W1-14, the world’s largest robot trade show. At the exhibition, visitors will get an up-close look at this year’s new released products of Dobot including CR5 the collaborative robot arm, Magician Lite, the AI-infused K12 education platform, among other award-winning industrial and educational solutions.


DOBOT at irex international robot exhibition tokyo 2019


Since 2013, major economies around the world have introduced artificial intelligence related strategies, schemes or initiatives including China, America, European Union and Japan. According to analysis firm Oxford Economics, up to 20 million manufacturing jobs across the globe could be replaced by robots by 2030. As automation and AI are penetrating deeper into our lives, governments and companies are compelled to rethink what a “job” really is and the value behind it. All these point to one ultimate question: how do we knock our education system or job market into shape for posterity in the AI-driven future?


Jerry Liu, CEO and co-founder of Dobot offered his opinion on this pressing matter, “I believe AI thinking will become part of our general knowledge in the not-so-distant-future. That means every child needs to understand AI technology and how it works, then learn to make it work to our advantage. I think AI presents both challenge and opportunities for us. We need to find out what qualities and capabilities really matter when we think about how to raise our children. Dobot is devoted to turning the world’s most cutting edge technologies including AI, robotics and design thinking into K12-oriented courses and contents that are accessible, fun, tangible and readily understandable.”


Highlights of the Dobot iREX 2019 exhibit include:



Teach & Playback of Motion by CR5 Collaborative Robot Arm


CR5 Collaborative Robot features teach & playback function, meaning operators can drag or pull the robot to one specific position or move along one specific trajectory, during which process the position and posture will be recorded. Next thing you know, the robot is reproducing a series of movements it has just been taught. In this way, this cost-effective collaborative robot arm can perform certain tasks in the most intuitive and time-saving manner. Built to be safe and human-friendly, CR5 Collaborative Robot makes a great companion for fellow human operators and is ideal for automation tasks such as packing, assembly or testing.


Garbage Classification Demo Powered by Magician Lite


Boasting the world’s most sophisticated waste management system, Japan is acknowledged as one of the world’s leaders when it comes to the 3Rs: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Instead of incorporating environmental protection into the curriculum in public school or publishing textbooks dedicated to this paramount topic, Japan includes environmental education into school activities, covering a wide spectrum of subjects and disciplines.


This garbage classification system is designed out of environmental concerns, in order to raise awareness of garbage classification and recycling while inspiring teenagers to become problem solvers of the world’s most critical issues. Throughout the simulated system, students not only get to design, program and practice, but also get a hands-on experience of real-world challenge facing us. DOBOT Magician Lite robotic arm as a K12 and STEM education platform is perfect for students to build all sorts of projects by mocking real-life problems and application scenarios. Designed with project-based learning in mind, Magician Lite is simple to design and safe to be around for students. To further encourage students to think outside box, DOBOT Magician Lite comes with several demonstration projects about agriculture, service, warehousing, and logistics.


DOBOT M1 with “Eyes” or Vision System


DOBOT M1 robot vision system consists of one camera, special-purpose lighting, software, and DOBOT M1 SCARA robot arm. The camera takes a picture of the working area or object the robot will grip, and software searches the image for features that let it determine position, orientation, shape, size and variation. This intelligent robot vision generates information that is sent to the robot controller, and the programmed robot will pick up the target object and place it to the specified area. Vision and robotic systems, when integrated, make a powerful combination. DOBOT M1 system is currently being applied in factories for visual positioning, measurement, detection, and recognition.


DOBOT Magician’s “Compatibility Show” with Diverse End-Effectors


Designed to be universally compatible, DOBOT Magician can turn into any system you want when combined with different end-effectors. At the booth, visitors will get a close look or even a hands-on experience of how DOBOT Magician works with vision (3D) camera, Raspberry Pi-a single board computer-and Jetson Nano, AI system developer kit in order to sort out bulk bolts. As a desktop robotic arm, universally compatible DOBOT Magician can easily blend into in any real world settings, be it a factory or office, to automate mundane, repetitive tasks at a low cost.


The Dobot booth (W-14) is open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm each day of the show. Attendees can drop by Dobot’s booth to view a series of the latest education and industrial application demonstrations and even get their hands on the robots. Dobot technical engineers will be on-site to answer any questions you have for Dobot’s products.


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Dobot is a global leading expert of all-perceptive intelligent robotics solutions, focusing on the development of all-perceptive intelligent robotic arms that integrate perception and interaction. Dobot products are selling in more than 140+ countries and regions around the world, widely used in education, industry and business. Globally, Dobot has an extensive network of over 100 key distributors, servicing over 200,000 users today. Dobot was named one of the World's 80 Most Valuable Robot Companies by CB Insights and the Top 80 Artificial Intelligence Companies in 2018.

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