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Back to School Supplies 2018, Are You Ready?

#Blog · Dec 23, 2017

Before the school starts, it is crucial for every student (and their parents) to create a list of back to school supplies. With the help of these supplies, kids can prepare themselves in the best way and ensure that they are getting the most from every lesson they get.


The list of back to school supplies is relatively long. From pens and pencils to sharpeners and erasers as well as art materials – these small items can be used on many different occasions at school. Parents should focus on the quality of these supplies while children should select the design.


In addition, students need books, reference material, and notebooks too. Typically the school provides a list of books and reference materials that the student should have. Of course, the student will need a few notebooks too. Another useful item is the calendar. Contrary to popular belief, children are actually busy individuals. This is the time of their development when they have to learn that finding work-life balance is important. Buy them a calendar and let them write down things like special events, birthdays, tests, exams and other things on it. Alarm clocks, measurements tool, watches, tissues, planners, binders, carry bags – these are some other back to school supplies that you should take into account.


Modern Back to School Supplies


The supplies we’ve mentioned have been used for decades now. But, the thing is that the time has changed and modern students need modern back to school supplies. In other words, the common back to school supplies are not enough for modern students. There are some other things like educational robots for example that have become a must for today’s children. Educational robots make studying fun and provide children a chance to develop skills useful in future employment.


If you are interested in buying an educational robot and you want to make sure that your kid will get the most from this device, you should consider buying an Arduino robot kit. In fact, there is more than one of these kits and that’s why we have created this list.


Top 10 Best Arduino Robot Kits




DOBOT Magician is a versatile educational robot kit, which is specially designed for STEAM education. It has visualized programming environment and multiple tool heads, with the capability to work with Arduino platform. DOBOT Magician helps kids to develop their creativity to DIY their works by 3D printing, grabbing & sucking, writing & drawing, and more.


DOBOT Magician



TOP 2. Zumo Robot Kit V 1.2 - BUY IT HERE


Based on Arduino open-source platform, this robot serves as a two-motor robot platform perfect for creating a small robot. This kit includes the vast majority of elements one needs to create an Arduino-controlled robot like Zumo Chassis, Zumo Shield, and Zumo Blade.


Zumo Robot Kit



TOP 3. mBot Robot - BUY IT HERE


Now here’s another excellent example of an Arduino educational robot for kids and robotics beginners. It lets users learn more about electronics, graphical programming and of course – robotics. Keep in mind that the physical body of the device is compatible with the popular MakeBlock platform too and even with Lego blocks.





TOP 4. Robotics Shield Kit by Parallax - BUY IT HERE


You can start using this kit even if you have zero programming experience. With its help, users can learn and make their own electronic circuits in a safe and convenient way. It comes with a written tutorial. On top of that, you can use speakers and lights to get a better indication of the status of the robot. The touch sensors are here to provide navigation by contact.


Robotics Shield Kit by Parallax




TOP 5. Official Arduino Robot Kit - BUY IT HERE


This is an educational robot kit created with one thing in mind – to allow every user access to a platform that will help them acquire knowledge about electronics, programming, and mechanics. Even though this is a small kit, it comes with a long list of inputs like potentiometers, buttons, SD card reader, digital compass and even floor sensors.


Official Arduino Robot Kit



TOP 6. Emgreat® Motor Robot Car Chassis Kit - BUY IT HERE


If you need a simple and inexpensive robot platform, you should take Motor Robot Car Chassis kit into account. It comes with 2 motors, some wheels and a body made of plastic. But, the fact is that you will have to buy some additional items to get the most of it. For instance, you should buy sensors or a computer device to control it.


Emgreat® Motor Robot Car



TOP 7. ArcBotics Sparki Robot - BUY IT HERE


It is no wonder why this is one of the most popular educational robots today. According to the latest stats, Sparki is found in over 2000 middle and high schools and even on some universities too. The robot comes with 40 parts and you can learn how to program all of them. It also offers 100 lessons created by experts.


ArcBotics Sparki Robot



TOP 8. SainSmart Upgraded Smart Robot Car Kit - BUY IT HERE


Now here’s an Arduino kit created for teens or complete beginners willing to learn more about electronics, programming, and robotics. Even though it comes with a small board, it’s actually quite powerful. The solid toolbox and the detailed instructions will help you build a robot that can be controlled by an app.


SainSmart Upgraded Smart Robot Car Kit



TOP 9. DFRobot Starter Kit - BUY IT HERE


As the name suggests, you are looking for a starter kit that can help you finish 15 Arduino learning projects. It comes with detailed tutorials and at a low price.


DFRobot Starter Kit



TOP 10. ROBOTIS Stem Level 1 Kit - BUY IT HERE


The list ends with ROBOTIS Stem Level 1 kit which is a basic STEM kit with modular hardware. Thanks to this kit, students can make seven unique robots. They can even come up with their own robot. There are two workbooks and a simple controller in the kit too.


ROBOTIS Stem Level 1 Kit



Do not miss these educational robot kits for your kids. We really recommend you to add DOBOT Magician into your back to school supplies, know more information at . Welcome to comment here and let us know waht you will prepare for your kids!

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