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Dobot Eyes the Industrial Market and Launches Four Robots

#Blog · Dec 22, 2020

China’s largest industrial robot exporter launches MG400 desktop lightweight robot, CR3 cobot, CR10 cobot, and CR16 cobot.


Shenzhen, China, Dec. 22, 2020 – Dobot, a world-leading provider of intelligent robotic arm solutions, launched MG400 lightweight desktop robot, CR3 cobot, CR10 cobot, and CR16 cobot. This announcement makes Dobot become the first company in the industry offering a complete lineup of robots with payload from 500g through 16kg.


In the context of the upgrading manufacturing industry across the globe, the last five years have seen several cost-effective collaborative robots coming out of Dobot. Up till now, Dobot has shipped out 30,000 units to more than 100 countries and regions, putting itself on top of the list regarding industrial robot exports in China.


DOBOT CR Cobot Series features payloads of 3kg, 10kg and 16kg, and ±0.02mm repeatability. These new cobots cover a wide range of application scenarios such as precision loading and unloading, assembly, testing, handling, screwdriving, sanding, gluing, packaging, etc. With the ability to offer plug-and-play automation solutions and no programming experience required, this series can help factory owners ease into flexible manufacturing lines without changing production layout. Along with DOBOT CR5 released in 2019, the complete DOBOT CR Cobot Series officially made its debut.


DOBOT MG400 is a lightweight desktop robot for industrial automation. Jerry Liu, founder and CEO of Dobot, said: "Five years ago, Dobot pioneered desktop-level robotic arms by releasing DOBOT Magician. This time we launched DOBOT MG400, an upgrade of DOBOT Magician, to handle more industrial scenarios. Inheriting the philosophy of “compactness”, DOBOT MG400 is a great saver of space, cost, manpower and time. MG400 takes up the same footprint as one sheet of A4 paper. Its 400mm reach exceeds the actual arm length during operation. The compact robot is designed with cost-effectiveness in mind, helping lower automation barriers for small and medium manufacturing enterprises. Beyond low-payload production scenarios, MG400 comes as a great option for retail, new types of consumption, medical, among other sectors.


During his keynote speech, Jerry Liu expounded on Dobot newly-launched robots in terms of safety, flexibility, ease of use, quality, and design, while highlighting their differences from competitors on the market. Mr. Liu believes that safety is the major gauge of collaborative robots. DOBOT SafeSkin, another Dobot-developed product, can wrap around the cobot. Distinguishing it from vision-based pre-collision detection and force-based post-collision detection, DOBOT SafeSkin is built on capacitive proximity sensing. The “skin” can actively sense intrusion within a distance of 15cm every 10ms. Once an obstacle is detected, the cobot will respond instantly and start planning the optimal path to avoid it. DOBOT SafeSkin can detect within a shorter distance in a proactive and speedy manner, maximizing the safety of human-robot collaboration.



Ease of use is deemed the "soft" power of the collaborative robots as it concerns barriers to entry, user experience and stickiness. Dobot cobots adopt graphical programming and work compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and MAC OS. In support of hand guidance and multiple control on PCs, tablets and smartphones, these cobots offer fast setup, flexible deployment and ease of use. Besides, combined with 3D vision and backed by AI deep learning algorithms, the robots are empowered to learn by themselves and grab through image “training” in a complex environment. This makes them perfect for automation settings such as component recognition and palletizing. The force-controlled adaptive module enables the cobots to handle different types of insertion and assembly tasks in flexible assembly.


Mr. Liu put forth that people should think smarter when it comes to constructing a robotic arm. “Intelligence is so much more than a marketing concept. Nor is it something just for show. Intelligent manufacturing needs reconstructing from the bottom up. Any new technology should aim at bringing actual value to enterprises, helping the manufacturing sector and more cobot-applicable industries to reduce costs and boost efficiency, and most importantly raise earnings. So it’s not simply digitalization and automation. Instead, it’s through the use of data, algorithms, and human-machine interaction that we will ultimately unleash all manpower in the most efficient way possible. This is the vision of Dobot.” He remarked.


Dobot 2020 Product Release Event coincided with the annual conference of Gaogong Robotics Research Institute, one of the leading robotics organizations in China. More than 200 attendees experienced the four new robots and other products of Dobot.


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