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Unlocking the Potential of AI and Robotics: Introducing the Brand-New Dobot X-Trainer

#Company · Apr 2, 2024

Dobot X-Trainer Product Video


Experience the future of robotics with the Dobot X-Trainer, a groundbreaking dual-armed, teleoperated AI training platform now available for pre-order. What makes the X-Trainer stand out? Let's delve into its core components and features.


Product Core Components:


Teleoperated Master Hand *2

Dobot Nova2 *2 (including end gripper *2, end camera *2)

Removable mounting platform *1 (with global camera *1)



Product Features:



With 0.05mm high-precision dual robotic arms, the X-Trainer delivers industrial-grade performance. It offers the flexibility to handle a wide range of complex operations, from precision lab tasks to real-world industrial applications.




Featuring a 25Hz high-performance motion interface, the X-Trainer boasts a 150% faster response time compared to similar products, ensuring swift and efficient operation.




Reduce training time by 70% and autonomously complete dishwashing or other simple tasks in just 2 hours. The integrated master-slave robotic arm, combined with a removable base platform, dramatically increases efficiency and deployment flexibility. It's easy to deploy and use in various environments, catering to the needs of research, education, and industry.




Dobot offers a software platform specifically designed for data training, supporting basic teleoperation and trajectory recording functions. It generates data formats suitable for AI training and provides an open API interface for user-driven data training and research, expanding the platform's application possibilities.



Educational Research:

  • Teaching AI and robotics concepts in schools and universities.
  • Conducting experiments and research in robotics laboratories.
  • Developing AI algorithms and machine learning models.


Household Robots:

  • Offering automatic dishwashing and laundry folding solutions for busy households.
  • Assisting with household chores such as cleaning, organizing, and gardening.
  • Providing companionship and entertainment through interactive features and voice assistants.


Explore the possibilities with the Dobot X-Trainer!



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