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Empowering Education: Dobot Leads Eight Thai Universities to Visit Shandong University

#Company · Nov 22, 2023


On November 16th, Dobot led a delegation of teachers from eight Thai universities on a study tour to Shandong University. During the visit, the delegation highly praised the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory jointly established by Dobot and Shandong University, along with the related teaching models. They expressed a strong desire to establish a long-term and stable cooperation relationship with Shandong University.


Dobot and Thai universities at Shandong University Engineering Center


The delegation, led by Tassaphan Suwannatat, Director of the Mechanical and Electronic Department at the Oriental Royal Institute of Technology, Artit Yawootti, Deputy Dean of the Engineering School at Lana (Na) Royal Institute of Technology, Thongchai Arunchai, Dean of the Industrial Education School at Suwannapoom Royal Institute of Technology, Nattapong Phanthuna, Dean of the Engineering School at Panakorn Royal Technological University, Jetwara Tangjit, Deputy Dean at Lantana Kongsin Royal Institute of Technology, Alongkorn Chatmuangpak, Deputy Dean at Buriuri Royal University, and Surasit Rawangwong, Dean of the Engineering School at Suvit Chaia Royal Institute of Technology. They were accompanied by Zhang Yaru, Secretary of the Sino-German College at Jinan Vocational College, and Chen Shuzhen, Director of the Department.


The delegation experienced the Dobot's robot training platform on-site


During the visit, the delegation focused on touring the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center and the National Double Creation Demonstration Base at Shandong University's Engineering Training Center. The Training Center is a significant outcome of collaboration between Dobot and Shandong University. The joint projects cover various fields such as medical, environmental protection, and retail, featuring equipment like orthopedic surgery training stations, intelligent garbage sorting training stations, smart unmanned coffee vending terminals (capsule coffee machines), smart unmanned coffee vending terminals (fully automatic grinding), and unmanned drug sales training stations. These facilities aim to meet the needs of engineering education and training, enhancing students' engineering practical and innovative capabilities.


Dobot intelligent unmanned coffee vending terminal, unmanned drug vending training platform


The delegation experienced Dobot's robotic training equipment firsthand, listened to the experiences shared by Shandong University in engineering education, and engaged in friendly discussions on school-enterprise cooperation, international exchanges, and how Dobot's equipment contributes to talent development.


Throughout the visit, the delegation delved into Shandong University's achievements and experiences in the field of engineering education. This tour has created more opportunities for universities in terms of school-enterprise cooperation and international exchanges, accumulating valuable experience in advancing the internationalization of engineering education.


Friendship Exchange between Chinese and Thai Universities


As a high-tech enterprise in the field of robotics, Dobot has not only achieved significant development in the industrial sector but has also actively explored new models of "industry-education integration" to provide essential support for industrial talent development. By offering advanced engineering equipment and experimental devices, Dobot enhances students' practical operation and skill development, assisting universities in cultivating more qualified engineering talents. This positively impacts the integration of industry, academia, and research, promoting talent cultivation.


In the current context of higher education development, establishing international exchanges has become a major trend for universities. Therefore, Dobot actively facilitates cooperation and exchanges between domestic and foreign universities to cultivate talents with international perspectives and high skills, supporting the national strategy of "Going Global" in education.


Dobot Live Demonstration of Robot Use - Waste Sorting


Previously, Dobot facilitated the establishment of an educational community between Shenzhen Information Vocational and Technical College and the North River-Vietnam-Korea Science and Technology Vocational College, providing students from both sides with opportunities for cross-border learning and development. In addition, Dobot has engaged in extensive cooperation with internationally renowned institutions such as MIT, Oxford University, and Waseda University, promoting international exchanges in the education field through deepening inter-school collaboration.


In the future, Dobot will continue to implement the Belt and Road Initiative, promoting international exchanges in the field of education while continuously deepening the new model of "industry-education integration." Dobot is committed to making a greater contribution to cultivating talents with international perspectives and innovative thinking."

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