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How to choose your first laser engraver?

#Blog · Aug 25, 2017

With the rapid development of science and technology, machines are gradually replacing manual labor. Laser engraving machine can perfect a series of high precision operations, even better than manual engraving. Recently, many companies have developed various smaller individuals laser engravers that are good news for DIY enthusiasts. But now a new problem has emerged, there are so many kinds of models, how can you choose the first laser engraver that suits you? Let the lovely Dobot editor give you four tips.


First, we must consider our economic factors.


Market laser engraving machine has a variety of grades, the price from $20,000 to $70. There is a saying: The higher the price, the better quality of the merch.


DIHORSE Fiber Laser Marking Machine has lower power consumption, high precision with repetition as tiny as 0.02mm and 100,000 hours lifetime with 7,000mm/s laser engraving speed. Its highest configuration price on the Internet is $19,300, which is beyond the affordable price of numerous people.



dihorse fiber laser marking machine

DIHORSE Fiber Laser Marking Machine


Meterk Laser Engraver Printer is a mini laser engraver at a price of $71.99. It can achieve automatic positioning, long time stay and stable system. The small laser engraving area is suitable for small ornaments.


meterk laser engraver printer

Meterk Laser Engraver Printer


And there are some low price high-end laser engravers. DOBOT Magician who only sells $1499 is one of them. It has laser protective measures to prevent eyes, stable performance and 0.2mm precision. What’s more is that it has handhold teaching which can be exploited by children.


Dobot Magician Engraver

DOBOT Magician Engraver


Different price all can buy good quality product.So the price doesn’t mean everything, we should select the most cost-effective and most suitable products within our scope. After you determine your budget, let’s start screening engraving machines.



Second, the function of the laser engraving machine is important.


As your first laser engraver, it needs as much as possible to meet your needs for engraving materials.


What can the laser engraver do? Of course is engraving your stuffs which composed by numerous different materials. There are all kinds of materials in the market, wood, glass, crystal, acrylic, metal and so on.


Nonetheless, most of the engravers can’t figure out all of the materials. You will face a new choice at this moment. Normally, machines that can perfectly engrave metal, stone and glass materials might be short on non metals materials like wood, plastic, acrylic, leather and so on.


DOBOT Magician can engrave on a two-dimensional surface. It can works on wood and leather. So it is appropriate for people who like tiny wood or leather DIY.


Dobot Magician engraving pattern

DOBOT Magician engraving a pattern


The next,whether software is easy to use is also an important factor


A lot of laser engraving companies always have their own software to control the engraver. However, not every software is user-friendly.


A famous brand Sunwin mini developed a terrible software without any instruction. If there is trouble when you are operating, the only solution is not to view the tutorial, but to call the customer service which is inconvenient at all.


DOBOT Magician also has developed a software which is user-friendly enough. Even children who never were exposed to software can operate easily. And each version of the software has been tested repeatedly by the technical department. When new problems arise, Dobot fix them and update them in time. Students who experienced DOBOT Magician all said the operation is so easy. They cannot help falling in love with it. Which one would you choose is obvious.


Dobot Magician Laser Engraving interface Grayscale engraving interface

The grayscale engraving interface


At last,the companies of the engravers can influence decisions.


The costumers always choose the companies who have good reputation and who can provide more benefit just like technical support, machine warranty and purchase of spare parts, etc. When you buy your first laser engraver, troubleshooting in a short time is certainly not what you want. So the company reputation is of great importance when choosing a product, which are linked with quality in many cases. While you buy an engraving machine, what will you ask the staff are the warranty period and the tech support in most time. The two are also tied to the strength of the company. What’s more important is the spare parts of the laser engraver, if the company doesn’t produce the parts, it will be hard to repair the original when the machine is damaged. So the choice of the laser engraving company is more important than we thought before.


The company who creates DOBOT Magician is a great is a company that concentrates all of the above. You don’t need to worry about the spare parts, tech support and machine., Dobot will do everything perfectly. Shenzhen Yuejiang Technology Co. Ltd ("Yuejiang") is established in July 2015 in Shenzhen China.Its founder was 5 engineers of robotic arms. They are committed to bringing high technology into our lives and education. Choosing DOBOT Magician won't be wrong.


Dobot Magician

DOBOT Magician


Four tips mentioned above are very important for us to choose the first laser engraver. DOBOT Magician is a good choice for families that have children and are interested in private DIY. It’s a 0.2mm high-precision laser engraver, who equipped with laser protective goggles, and the control software is very user-friendly to everyone in the family. Most importantly, he is not only a laser engraving machine, but also a 3D printer, and can be implemented to handhold teaching, which makes it more convenient for kids to use. So you can use $1499 to purchase a laser engraving, 3D printer, an intelligent teaching machine.


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