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How to Make FIFA World Cup Trophy with 3D Printer

#Blog · Jul 6, 2018

FIFA World Cup is one of the most popular sporting events in history, competing only with the ageless Olympic Games for coverage and sheer fanatic fervor. The FIFA World Cup is a sporting event that pits tens of the most competitive footballing nations on the planet for the glory of getting the FIFA World Cup Trophy.


3d printed world cup awards


Did you know that solid, 3-dimensional objects can be printed using innovative 3D Printing technology? 


DOBOT Mooz can 3D print the World Cup Trophy. DOBOT Mooz is a tool used for the production of affordable and all-in-one 3-Dimensional objects. DOBOT Mooz is an industrial grade transformable 3-Dimensional printer that combines the benefit of efficiency with affordability and the ability to carry out 3-dimensional printing, laser engraving, and CNC carving.


In order to print your own personal 3-dimensional FIFA World Cup Trophy with DOBOT Mooz, it is vital that you understand the following steps involved in the generation and final draft of your Mooz printing World Cup Trophy.



How to 3D print the World Cup Trophy?


  • generation of a three-dimensional model


​​Computer-Aided Design or CAD software generates the model. It is also useful for providing hints about the potential integrity of the structure and visualization of what the end product would look like.


  • conversion of the Computer-Aided Design to Standard Tessellation Language


Standard Tessellation Language or STL is a file format that was designed for 3-dimensional printing.


  • transferring to the computer that actually does the printing

Afterward, you need to transfer the STL file to your computer with indirect control of the 3-dimensional printing. In this step, you can also tweak the design of the final product to make sure that the result is achieved.


  • running the machine


At this point, you have a complete design with your personal tweaks in place. The next step involves the machine setup, involving the provision of the polymers and other materials to be used for the printing.


Build 3D model


  • building the model


After completing most of the hard work by creating and tweaking the design of the 3-dimensional model, it's time for you to sit back and let the computer do its job. Building the model is largely hands-off, as the computer builds a layer upon layer of the model by itself. This process could take time, but it is still vital to occasionally check up on the progress of your work in order to make sure that there are no mistakes.


  • removal

When the process of building the model is over, it is time to remove your Mooz 3-dimensional model of the FIFA World Cup Trophy from the machine. Be careful while you carry out this process as injuries could occur. It is, therefore, necessary to use the equipment protecting the skin from injuries. 


  • finishing up


At this point, your 3-dimensional FIFA World Cup Trophy is done, but it may be a little rough around the edges. It is necessary to smooth out the rough edges of the model, dusting off the excess powder and then applying color to the perfect replica of the FIFA World Cup Trophy.


3D Print World Cup Trophy - Alternative Way to Become a Champion


In the game of competitive sports, not everyone can be a winner. It is important to find happiness where you can, hopefully, in the knowledge that your favorite team will have the award one day. Before that day comes though, you can comfort yourself and your friends with your own Mooz 3-dimensional FIFA World Cup Trophy, nearly indistinguishable from the original.


World cup trophy awards


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