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Robotic Insight in Automotive Industry Optimization

#Blog · Jan 27, 2022

robotic insight in automotive industry optimization


Automotive manufacturing is a popular industry for robotic use. Car plants deploy industrial robots for rich application sets, including welding, assembly, painting, and others, inside and outside a car plant. 


The Global Scope of Robotic Sales in Automotive Industry 2019-2022

global scope of robotic sales in automotive industry 2019-2022


According to the recent data by Statista, the sales number of robot installations is growing. China, Japan, and the U.S. are the leaders in automotive industry development across the years 2018-2021. In 2021, China's sales value of robots for the automotive industry was 1269 million U.S. dollars, Japan’s 691 million U.S. dollars, and US 345 million U.S. dollars, respectively. 


What is the reason for the extensive automation in car manufacturing? 


Benefits of Cobots in Automotive Manufacturing


  •  raise performance & eliminate automotive challenges

cobots raise automotive performance

Dobot robotic arms eliminate automotive challenges


First, industrial robots can increase capacity and eliminate all the bottlenecks from car manufacturing. Cobots are flexible and safe; they do not suffer from end-of-shift fatigue. Even a tiny detail can cause a break in an assembly line. 


Thus, cobots can bring additional capacity to operate in automotive manufacturing. Unlike workers, they cannot be bored or distracted, resulting in a high level of manufacturing capacity. 



  •  gain quality

robots gain automotive quality

With the use of cobots, car plants gain quality


Second, they bring quality by performing highly repetitive tasks, causing no damage to a car assembly line. Human error can lead to severe injury and manufacturing breaks compared to manual work. Thus, robotic arms reduce waste by making fewer mistakes. It ensures high quality of car manufacturing. 


Alongside the quality, the cost means a lot as well. Cobots are cost-effective because they can reduce warranty costs, bringing a competitive advantage to OEM suppliers and end-users. 


  •  protect workers

collaboratve robots protect workers in automotive industry

The automated solution integrated into the car plants ensures worker safety


Third, cobots are labour-saving as they protect workers from dangerous and complex jobs. There is a high level of fumes, exposures, and noise from welding or painting in an assembly line. Thus, keeping workers safe in automobile manufacturing is a crucial task. Car cobots can prevent accidents and provide a better working environment for workers, less dirty and dangerous.  


  •  make supply chain consistent

robots make car supply chain consistent

Automotive supply chain elements


Moreover, OEMs, Tier 1, and other automotive suppliers can benefit from cobots because they make the supply chain precise. Car suppliers’ primary goal is to keep production lines consistent without disruption


Applying robots in automobile manufacturing is efficient because they simplify the car manufacturing process.


Minimize the costs and optimize automotive manufacturing with Dobot. 


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