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Robotics training Courses Overview

#Blog · May 8, 2018

Science and technology is a crucial element in the Human Development History. It cannot be denied that the robot revolution is coming. In the future, millions of job will be abandoned, millions of new jobs will be born, meeting societal needs. Just like any other profession storm, applicants will have more significant advantages with tech skills and degree's program in Robotics.


AI era is coming


How to be a master in Robotics?


Here are some related Robotics training courses and lessons offered for acknowledging it overall. These courses are suitable for engineering students and amateur, but the focus of the courses can be strongly various. Generally, robotics courses are set up in engineering institute of technical universities. When you are learning Robotics, you will contact with these concepts, such as Robotic engineering, artificial intelligence, computer vision and etc.


Intro of Robotics


Intro of robot


Learning Robotics, the role of the students is as important as mechanical engineers or computer programmer. The research covers kinematics and dynamics, which is concerned with motion planning and avoidance of obstacle, acceleration, drive motors and more. Thanks to the laboratory, students can convert thoughts into reality and put theory into practice. For sure, this owes to teamwork. This is likely to be the first course in a robotics program.


Machine Learning Course


Machine learning of robotics traning courses


The promotion and application of AI are focused on in Machine Learning Course. Machine learning is a course that involves studying data. In ML course, students do a lot of researchers. Through ML algorithms, the student can build an ability to research the robots. The learning process is like this, start from ML and then you can pass to AI. In other words, Machine Learning Course is the prerequisite of AI Course.


Artificial Intelligence Course


AI course of robotics traning courses


Do you know how artificial intelligence is applied and what its benefits for? What is the purpose of computerized intelligence? After finishing this course, students will find the answer with ease. Through this course, you will learn how to program robots for realizing some functions, such as, making a decision, ratiocination, or memorizing and repeating. At the beginning of a robotics training courses, this class will be arranged.



Motion Planning Course


Motion planning of robotics training courses


This course involves three main components: a mechanism for converting force and torque of robot into reality, perception system for perceiving the surroundings, control system to regulate the robot's behavior. Students will learn use algorithms and sensors to control robots. This course plays a key role in a programming robot. In this course, you will learn about how robot reacts in a different situation to achieve its goal.


Computer Vision Course


Computer vision of robotics traning courses


Fundamental of the computer vision course consists of camera imaging geometry, motion estimation, feature detection, tracking, matching and etc. The course focuses on developing intuitive perception and mathematics ability, then conducts a study of theories and practices.


For sure, after a while learning in this course, entry-level students will have an elementary understanding of computer image recognition. Advanced students will have a great recognition among texture, motion, and surfaces. The content of this course is relatively difficult and is generally taken after foundation courses.


Employment Requirements related to Robot field


Above all we have talked about Robotics training courses, if you want to apply for a robot engineering related job, you'd better get associate's degree or bachelor's degree in robotics engineering or technology. Both these degrees' programs are offered to develop, assemble and test robotic systems. In general, you have to take 2 years to get robotics technology degree in a technical university. During the 2 years, students will keep in touch with mathematical applications, which are concerned with programming systems merged with mechanical engineering, dynamics, and electrics. In combination with math-physical courses and practice in engineering laboratories, programs permit students to be engaged with robotic components and tools.


DOBOT Magician-Desktop robotic arm for practical training education


DOBOT Magician is an all-in-one educational robot arm, which is integrated STEAM and Practical Training education solution provider. It just won the CES 2018 Innovation Awards. Thanks to its multifunctional end-tools, it can realize different interesting functions, such as 3D printing, Laser engraving, writing & drawing and etc. More than that, it is an amazing Robotics learning platform, which supports secondary development with 13 extendable interfaces and over 20 programming languages.



Dobot Magician-educational robotic arm can be used as robotics training kit


Magician allows students to learn computer programming, data modeling, electrical engineering, observation and experimentation and more. It can be widely used for teaching purpose because it is able to strengthen knowledge across multiple disciplines. A high precision, endless developing possibilities, and easy-to-operate interface all make it competitive on robotic arm market.


Dobot has made breakthrough progress in the robotic algorithm, control system, and others. DOBOT Magician is suitable not only for training education by also for higher education, especially for 6-18 years old. In combination with its dedicated software-Dobot Studio, Dobot enables to accomplish brain EEG control, Leap motion, gesture control, voice control, vision command, Google Blockly, or python. The Dobot team expects that users will enjoy fun brought by Dobot and AI when using Magician.


Package Spec
Robot arm 4 axes
Suction cup Payload:500g
Gripper Max. Reach: 320mm
Bluetooth module Repeatability: 0.2mm
Writing&drawing kit Communication: WIFI/USB/Bluetooth
3d printing kit Power In 12V/7A DC
Laser engraving kit (Advanced version) Consumption: 60W Max
WIFI module (Advanced version) Temperature: -10°C-60°C
Joystick control kit (Advanced version) Power Supply: 100V - 240 V, 50/60 Hz



Teaching & Playback module :


Teaching and playback is a feature of DOBOT Magician. What you need to achieve this function is to move the arm to your target position and press the release keys. Dobot Studio will record the axis movement rout in sequence. For each position, you can add pause time, activate end effector.


Blockly module :


Blockly coding for Dobot Magician

You can use the Blockly module to program DOBOT Magician also supports Blockly and can be controlled by Block based coding. Blockly is a project of Google and it can add a visual code editor to a web or Apps. The Blockly editor uses visual blocks to represent code concepts like logical expressions, Loop, and etc. There is no need to worry about syntax when users are applying coding principles.


Laser engraving module :


Laser engraving of Dobot Magician


This module allows you attach a laser for engraving. The repeatability is very precise. Working principle of Laser engraving is so simple that you just need to choose a picture or input a text. Its result is better when engraving on paper, wood or plastic materials, unfortunately, it's not enough for metal engraving.

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