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Tutorial: What should we do before using Rigiet?

#Blog · Sep 1, 2017

Yuejiang Rigiet is a handhold three-axis PTZ stabilizer. You can take panorama, photo, video, time lapse, motion time lapse and slow motion by using Rigiet without any shake. It can achieve automatic balance and auto tracking image, so you can enjoy the shooting process without manual operation. But there are a few questions, how to use Rigiet? I can't understand the instructions well. Why do I operate according to the instructions but can't use them well? We'll teach you how to use Rigiet in the days to come. Today, we'll see what to do before using the Rigiet.


First, we have to know the usage environment of Rigiet. This product’s designing operational temperature is between -15 Celsius and 55 Celsius, so don’t use Rigiet for a long time at high or low temperature. Not recommended for long periods of use in damp, salty, rain and dusty environments. Those environments will cause great damage to the PTZ. So we just have to use it in the right environment to make sure that Rigiet is in good condition.


Second, we need to understand the structure of Rigiet.


Frontal structure of Rigiet Gimbal

Rear structure of Rigiet Stabilizer


1.Phone holder


2.Pan motor




4.Power/shoot button


5.Battery case cap


6.Zoom control switch


7.Pan & tilt mode switch


8.LED status light


9.Tilt motor


10.Phone position scale board


11.Roll motor


12.Phone holder adjustment scroll


13.1/4 screw mount




15.Micro-USB port


16.Rigiet to phone charging port



Third, we should know the methods of charging Rigiet’s battery. Before we insert the battery into Rigiet, we recommend putting the battery fully charged. Otherwise, Rigiet may be shut down for a short time or cannot turn on. When you are installing the battery, make sure the inserting direction. If the battery is installed reversely, it will not turn on and will get some irreversible damage.


Rigiet battery installation guidelines

Installation guidelines for Rigiet battery


Our Rigiet can be charged by two ways. Charging the battery by using micro USB cable is one of the ways. Rigiet can be connected to a 5V-1A adapter or a power bank. The other way is charging the battery directly by using the battery charger. You can buy 18650 battery chargers from our normal channels. Our company decided the ultimate 18650 battery charger. Or you can buy a standard 18650 battery chargers from the other channel. It should be pointed out that when charging, do not install the positive electrode to the negative electrode. Otherwise the battery will soon be damaged irreversibly.


Rigiet Gimbal battery charge guidelines

The battery charge guidelines


Fourth, you should balance your Rigiet before press the power button. Insert your phone into phone holder, adjust the location of the phone so that it is balanced like the picture below, tighten adjustment scroll to fasten phone. Then you can hold the Rigiet in its upright position. Tilt your phone at a horizontal position. In order to help facilitate the next use, you can remember the phone position on the side of the phone, the scale on the dial. If the equipment is too heavy to balance, the complimentary counterweight ring can be mounted on the tilt motor to balance again.


Rigiet Gimbal balance guideline

The phone is in balance


Then, how to turn on the machine is also very exquisite. We received a lot of user feedback that the machine cannot be opened, is not the machine broken? My answer is No. You just did not make the proper operation. Unlike other products, you only need to click on the boot button to turn on the machine. Our Rigiet needs 2-3 seconds to press the power button until Rigiet notices power on and automatically stabilizes your phone, if you just click on button, the stabilizer will enter mute-mode which can’t be used with black. If your Rigiet has entered mute-mode, hold power button for between 1 and 2 seconds to make Rigiet work normally. The most important thing is to insert the phone into phone holder and adjust to balance before you turn on the Rigiet.


The last, you have to know how to determine if the power is off. If you don’t turn off Rigiet in time, the machine will remain in the long run and the losses will increase. When you wish to turn off the Rigiet, press and hold the power button for 2 seconds until the state of LED light flashes red twice then yellow. After LED status lights off, release the power button. And put the rigiet in a dry place.


Turn off Rigiet Stabilizer


Today we are just introducing the structure, the environment and the basic method of using it. In the next article, we'll introduce the use of Rui Ji app. Users with questions can ask questions in the comments.

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