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5 Fantastic AI Project Ideas Using DOBOT Magician or Magician Lite for Modern STEM and Robotics Teachers

#Blog · Jun 19, 2020

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. Over the last few years, AI has made huge advances in approximating human interaction, especially when it comes to speech and facial recognition while making better decisions. Artificial intelligence will have a big impact on students' lives and careers in the nearest future. Without a doubt, we need to make sure that our students understand its impact and potential future work scope and learning


So, what are the possible ways to be confident in the extending perspectives of AI usage?


DOBOT Magician and DOBOT Magician Lite, both award-winning educational robots, provide you with the most comprehensive solution for building AI applications. In this article, we will walk you through five AI projects that take inspiration from different sectors in the real world to make students better understand AI and its applications.


Project Idea 1: Garbage Classifying Robot



Reference Video 1: 



Project Idea 2: Fruit Picking Robot



Reference Video 2: 




Project Idea 3: Smart Grocery Shopping System



Reference Video 3: 



Project Idea 4: AI Waiter



Reference Video 4: 



Project Idea 5: Package Sorting Robot



Reference Video 5: 


Want to demonstrate these projects in your school? Visit DOBOT Magician or Magician Lite to learn more.

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