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4 Ways Classrooms All Over the World are Using DOBOT Magician to Build 21st Century Learners

#Blog · Jun 19, 2020

4 ways classrooms all over the world are using DOBOT magician to build 21st century learners


Since you are reading this article, you must be looking for creative ways to help your school/educational institutes enhance learning for your students. The impact of education technology we face in our schools and our lives is astounding, and the expectations of future talents keep rising. But that’s the great part. We live in a time when innovation has been unleashed.


Creative teachers and schools inspire us to keep improving and looking for better ways to equip our next generation with the skills they need to thrive in the 21st century.


The award-winning DOBOT Magician is being widely adopted in classrooms throughout the world with the universal intention of teaching students the fundamentals of robotics and engineering. Schools all over the world incorporate DOBOT Magician into their courses to give their students an introduction to robotics and real-world industrial automation without breaking the budget.


In this article, we will walk you through how classrooms from Germany, UAE, the US, and Nigeria use DOBOT Magician to enhance the way teachers teach STEM, robotics, smart manufacturing, and automation.

1. BBS Nienburg Vocational Schools – Niedersachsen, Germany


Been using DOBOT Magician since 2018


Format: used in the classrooms


DOBOT Magician is particularly suitable for vocational training. In addition to an understanding of automation processes, the trainees also learn programming. BBS Nienburg Vocational Schools in Niedersachsen, Germany use the DOBOT Magician and Dobot Curriculum in their vocational training course. The classroom consists of students ages 18-25 and has 5 sets of DOBOT Magician robots and 1 conveyor belt. 10 students (5 students during Covid-19) learn Dobot Curriculum during the weekdays. Each class lasts for 45 minutes. Since its start, over 60 students at BBS Nienburg Vocational Schools took part in the learning program and it is still ongoing.

2. Dubai American Academy – Dubai, UAE



Been using DOBOT Magician since 2020


Format: used in the AI & Robotics center for campus learning


Dubai American Academy in Dubai, UAE uses DOBOT Magician in their newly launched Excellence Center of AI & Robotics for the Industry 4.0 setup, mimicking an assembly line using varied end effectors, such as grippers, suction cup as well as laser engravers.


The Center of Excellence is founded on the research that 65% of the jobs needed in 10 years’ time do not exist yet. The Center of Excellence for AI and Robotics will ensure students are fully equipped with the skills, expert guidance, and grasp of emerging technologies required to prepare them for a radically changing world as well as for jobs of the future.


                                                            - Sreejit Chakrabarty, Director of Robotics & Artificial Intelligence



3. Bliss Robot Education Hub - Lagos, Nigeria


Been using DOBOT Magician since 2019


Format: used in a learning hub for students from multiple schools


Bliss Robot Education Hub in Lagos, Nigeria uses DOBOT Magician as a tool to teach STEAM concepts to 262 students aged 8-17 years old from over 6 schools across Lagos, Nigeria. This enhances their critical thinking skills and gives them a platform to use creativity and innovation for problem-solving.

What can students learn from the curriculum?

The students learn the concept of 3D design and modeling. They also learn how to program and troubleshoot the robot arm and printers in order to get the desired results.

How many classes hour be arranged? 

One-hour class a week

How long time the curriculum will take?

1 year

                                                                   DOBOT magician used in a learning hub for students from multiple schools  

4. Peru High School - Peru, New York, the United States


Been using DOBOT Magician since 2019


Format: used in both the classroom and also online teaching during the Covid-19 Pandemic


Peru High School in Peru, NY uses DOBOT Magician products in their Technology & Engineering classes. The classroom is a hybrid instructional space and material processing lab with 16-24 students per class. Dobot products are adopted as supplemental experiences that are built into the Engineering, Manufacturing, and Robotics curriculums. The DOBOT Magician gives students industry-grade experiences in technical fields at a scale that fits in the classroom (with both size and price).


Peru CSD has recently deployed Dobot products during distance learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Students were able to send codes to their teacher in live online classroom settings, design, and 3D print custom end effectors, and create an automated work cell all from their homes. Dobot enabled hands-on learning to continue to be hands-on even at a distance.


Visit Leif Sorgule’s website for free resources about distance learning and technology education:


Students are highly unlikely to pick a career path that is unfamiliar to them. An introduction to industrial robotics can spark an interest in the next generation's workforce!”

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