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How to Deploy Efficient Pick And Place Robotic Arm

#Blog · Jun 28, 2022

A precise pick and place robotic arm enables an efficient performance due to accuracy and speed of operations. Collaborative robots or cobots ensure fast, stable, and safe deployment of manufacturing tasks. Most of them are highly repetitive, e.g., pick and place. Hence, delegating this task to cobots will be more efficient and cost-effective. 


global industrial robotics market 2022_2028


In 2022, the pick-and-place robotic arm market has been growing. According to Bloomberg, the global industrial robotics market share is forecasted to rise 11.8% annually by 2028 and reach $81.4 billion. At the same time, in 2021, the market share fluctuated at approximately $41.7 billion.


Multiple business structures benefit from robotic process automation. Being one of the robotic trends of this year, investing in robotic process automation can become a lifetime decision for every business's lifecycle. And thus, a robotic picking arm can boost this automation and manufacturing optimization. 


Let us dive deeper into a pick and place robotic arm industrial scope, elements of its successful installation, and Dobot cobots as a noteworthy example of thriving robotics. 


Pick and Place Robotic Arm Industrial Scope 


Although a pick and place is a relatively simple repetitive application, it can be deployed in the rich industrial scope. 


A rich industrial scope includes: 

  • food processing
  • electronics 
  • pharmaceuticals
  • retail
  • contract manufacturing
  • plastics
  • automotive


Food processing


In terms of food processing, packaging and palletizing are one of the essential fields where pick and place can be applied. Simply put, picking food and placing it into a box while wrapping it up takes a lot of time and power. 


Collaborative robots used for pick and place are easy to program, ensuring fast installation. No additional resources are needed to provide to run the cobot accurately. It saves time and money, allowing to direct the workforce and assign them more complicated tasks instead of exhausting and overwhelming accomplishment of repetitive application




A pick and place robotic arm is safe to work alongside humans. That is why electronics deploys it in its manufacturing processes, maximizing performance, enhancing capacities, and driving innovations. Batteries, charges, processors, monitors, and other small parts can sometimes be challenging to pick. Thus, deploying a wide variety of robotic accessories is essential to ensure a consistent process. Grippers, suction cups, and other end-of-arm tools assist a robotic arm in guaranteeing a precise pick and place.




Human workers ensure a persistent delivery of a great variety of pharmaceutical tools in the healthcare industry. In a laboratory with numerous pipettes, sophisticated medical equipment, and dispensers, it is crucial to enable a high accuracy of processes containing hazardous liquids and other solids. A robot picking arm can ensure careful laboratory analysis and medical precision in measuring liquids, pouring them, and placing them in the right location. 


Various industries apply pick and place in their manufacturing. More and more businesses invest in the automation of production lines with the proper use of robotic arms and end-of-arm tools. 


At the same time, different industries require appropriate robotic accessories to ensure consistency of processes. Hence, it is essential to consider the factors when choosing to pick and place robotic arms.



3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Pick and Place Robotic Arm

3 factors to consider when choosing pick and place robotic arm

When choosing a perfect pick and place robotic arm to meet the growing business needs, it is essential to remember about factors influencing your choice. 


Some of them include:




The number of axes means the direction of a robotic arm. The 6-axis robot arm is more flexible and can deploy multiple functions on a manufacturing line, while at the same time 4-axis collaborative robot does not apply the same adaptability and feel of direction and orientation. 




The larger workplace, the greater reach collaborative robot obtains. If the manufacturing line does not require a large workspace, then a robotic arm ensuring a small area of pick and place will be more appropriate to use. 




Repeatability means consistently picking objects and placing them in a particular location without disruption. The high repeatability of a robotic arm suits the more precise performance of a robotic picking arm. 


While considering the factors that significantly impact the choice of a pick and place robotic arm, we have prepared an efficient solution for manufacturing automation. 


Dobot: Successful Pick and Place Robotic Arm


There are three elements for successful pick and place:

  1. Speed of pick and place
  2. Accuracy of the robot's placing
  3. Vision development 


Dobot robotic arms possess all these three elements of efficient pick and place. Some of the successful examples the Dobot pick and place include:


Dobot pick and place in welding


Being a lightweight robotic arm, the DOBOT MG400 collaborative robot is proficient in welding application and plasma cleaning. It picks and places metal sheets with a payload of less than 500 g. It is flexible to deploy and perfect for a tight workspace. 



Dobot pick and place in consumer electronics 



DOBOT MG400 collaborative robot picks and places batteries, switches, and other small parts of the manufacturing process. 


A flexible pick and place robotic arm boosts innovations and opens various opportunities for diversified needs. 


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