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Rigiet smartphone stabilizer-the best choice for photography equipment

#Blog · Sep 11, 2017

What is smartphone stabilizer?


These years, more and more brands appeared in the stabilizer market. Most of them can be departed to two parts. One is camera stabilizer. Another one is smartphone stabilizer which covered more customers. It is a gimbal with high tech to make the shooting more convenient, and it’s just compatible with smartphone. Generally speaking, the common feature of all smartphone stabilizer is light, operation easier and more shooting modes, etc. Some stabilizers might be pushed off with a companion app which contains more shooting modes, like Rigiet, DJI and Zhiyun. Smartphone stabilizer can bring unprofessional people professional shooting experience.


What are the features of Rigiet smartphone Stabilizer?


1. Imitate the chicken heads stability principle.


We might never notice that, the chicken head can stick to one place, when the body move. Many scientists did numerous experiments, got the answer: because of the presence of the sclera, the bird's eye does not rotate freely, so it avoids the shaking with the head. So Rigiet imitate the chicken head stability principle. Through control of the phone holder to avoid the shaking.


Famous chicken stabilizer

The Famous chicken stabilizer


2. 3-Axis stable system.


One axis can control linear movement. Two axis can control plane motion. Three axis can control three-dimensional motion. Each one has employed as many as three precision motors for international patents. The precision motor comes from robot joint technology, and its accuracy is as high as 0.01 degrees. So the 3-axis stable system can effectively reduce the shaking in daily activities. 


Dobot Rigiet 3-axis stable system

Rigiet adapts 3-axis stable system


3. 3 auto tracking modes.


Rigiet has 3 tracking modes: Pan & Tilt follow. Lock, Pan follow. Pan & Tilt follow will follow you in both the horizontal and the vertical. Pan follow is locked in the longitudinal direction, and it will follow you in the horizontal. The lock mode won’t follow you anymore. It is suitable to take a picture.


Rigiet auto-tracking modes

3 auto tracking modes


4. All metal body


Rigiet body uses the same processing technology as Apple phones. After 36 CNC process sculptures, work out of space aluminum body, seiko polished, like a delicate mobile phone shell. The handle is designed to be more ergonomic.


All metal body gimbal

All metal body



5. 6 shooting modes


Rigiet developed an app which contains 6 shooting modes: Panorama, Photo, Video, Time Lapse, Motion Time Lapse, Slow Motion. It can satisfy the most people’s needs. Every function can be used in everyday life.


Rigiet gimbal shooting mode

6 shooting modes


What kind of person is appropriate for Rigiet Stabilizer?


Everyone who loves life. No matter you are an anchor, a full-time mom and athletes. Rigiet is suitable for the professional photographer, you don’t need a cumbersome machine. Rigiet can take professional photos. If you are a live platform for anchor and media worker. Rigiet will help you shooting more stable and smooth videos. It’s not only for work, you also can use it in daily life to record the exciting moment, such as a wedding, hiking, graduation ceremony.


Rigiet Stabilizer Target Customers Rigiet Stabilizer Usage Case

Everyone can us Rigiet very easily


What are the Rigiet shooting modes compatible with?


Everyone knows the modes of Photo and Video which install in our smartphone. So we don’t introduce the two modes here. We just talk about the other modes of Rigiet.




This mode is very suitable for taking a picture of sights, high mountain like Fujiyama, big lake like Carle Saline Lake and a huge complex of buildings. Of course smartphone also has the function, but the difference is you take the panorama of circle yourself, if your speed inconsistency, some picture parts will be very blurry. Nonetheless, Rigiet can be sure about uniform speed, and more stable than operated by hands.


Panorama shoted by Rigiet

The panorama of Fujiyama


Time Lapse:


Time Lapse is a function we use for shooting the changing process of nature. When shooting using ordinary frames, and review with faster frames. For example, the process of blowing, the change of clouds, the sun rises and sunset. You can view this kind of video appears in documentary, and the channel of nature on TV. It needs a professional photographer keeps eyes on the heavy machine for a long time. And now it can be created by yourself, with affordable price and easier operation.


Time Lapse starry sky

Time Lapse starry sky 


Slow Motion:


It’s a vox pop appearing in movies to express this shot’s more details. The shooting method is just against the Time Lapse, it uses a faster frame when it is shooting, and review a normal frame. Like the bullet shoots through the enemy heart, the scene of fighting behavior. Slow Motion will affect the movie atmosphere in much condition, maybe more exciting, more anxious and more romantic. How about using it in your wedding? When you review the kiss moment, it must be expected to be very romantic. And you can use of mode to join a comedy element in your personal video.


punctured balloon photography

A punctured balloon


Rigiet is one of the best stabilizers in 2018. It will make you become a professional photographer, and it will bring more convenience to record your life. Rigiet ready for everyone who loves their lives.



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